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Lester on 17th Mar '20 @ 16:42


Alexandra Palace have now announced that effective immediately the Palace is closed until further notice.

Additionally, as it has been impossible to get in touch with Sobell, I will update here as soon as I have news

Sorry folks

Watch this space for updates
Lester on 18th Mar '20 @ 10:57
As I am sure you will have seen, the EIHA Board have published a Press Release detailing their plan for tackling the Corona Virus. (

Attached is also a statement from the EIHA

In essence; this release details that ALL Competitive Hockey in England, Scotland and Wales will cease from Tomorrow until May 31st 2020 (subject to review on 1st May for possible extension)

What this means for Rec Teams in real terms;

Any and ALL GAMES are now unapproved and cannot be played under the EIHA banner This includes Challenge Games, Cup Games, Tournaments, Internationals and Charity Games

EIHA Insurance will not cover players for Games/Tournaments of any type (International or Domestic)

Referees will not be allocated to any future games after the 31st May, until after the review..
Please do not book games for after 31st May as we do not currently know the state of play for the future

Training is allowed at a local level only (Insurance will cover this)
This will cut down the possibility of cross contamination due to a smaller, more local pool of people being involved. Also communication within clubs will aid isolation should a team member become symptomatic.
This level of communication cannot be guaranteed across teams from different areas.
Teams should not be inviting other teams to their training sessions, only players registered to your team/rink will be covered for insurance; again to minimise cross contamination.

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