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Lester on 10th Mar '20 @ 9:02
Coronavirus – Self Declaration

Public Health England have categorised locations/countries of interest into two categories as per

As part of these plans, we are advising all clubs and coaches holding a training session/course/hockey match at Alexandra Palace to undertake a self-declaration regarding their own personal movements for assurance purposes.

Please can you ask all attendees and coaches on your session/course/hockey match to confirm that at least one of the below three statements applies to them prior to individuals arriving at Alexandra Palace and attending a session:

1. They have not travelled to a country or location listed in either Category 1 or Category 2 within a period of 14 days prior to their attendance at Alexandra Palace
2. If they have recently travelled from a Category 1 country to the UK that they have completed a 14-day period of self-isolation and followed all associated NHS advice prior and received confirmation from a medical professional that it is appropriate for them to present at Alexandra Palace.
3. If they have recently travelled from a Category 2 country to the UK, that they will leave the site immediately upon the onset of any flu like or other symptoms call NHS 111 for further advice. Please make sure that you have a process in place so that any team member leaving site can contact you and inform you of the situation.

Should any attendees be unable to confirm that one of the above statements applies to them or they are currently exhibiting flu like symptoms, then you should advise them not to attend your session. If required, we would recommend that the individual contacts NHS 111 to seek further advice.

For your information: in response to the cases of Coronavirus in the UK, we are closely monitoring official health updates and strictly following World Health Organisation and UK Government’s guidelines. Alexandra Palace is currently open as normal, as the government is not currently making any recommendations regarding venues stopping group or large scale events and activities. We have increased our cleaning and hygiene regime throughout the site and are working with users on specific actions on a session by session basis as the situation evolves. More information and updates will be posted here
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