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Team Shirt order

Lester on 09th Jan '20 @ 12:37
I'd like to get a team jersey order together with a view to booking a few fixtures against other clubs.

It's been a while and not too many of you actually have team uniform so this is your chance.
(Also it will mean you all have a dark and light jersey in your bag for scrimmages.)

Cost in the past was around 65 for a pair of home (light) and away (dark) jerseys with name and number on the back. This I need to confirm.

I recommend the old Calgary Flames white socks for a good match with home colours and the old Senators dark socks for the away. These you can get for yourselves online quite easily.

I have a spreadsheet showing all the available numbers and will get it posted up like the google sheet we use for Wed sessions so you can make your selection. Once there is a sufficient quantity I'll ask for your money and then place the order.

The sizing system used by our supplier is a little unusual so I recommend you ask to try on a teammate's jersey before deciding.
Brezik on 09th Jan '20 @ 12:41
Krzysztof gliwa on 09th Jan '20 @ 12:49
Ill be happy to get one set :)
Lester on 09th Jan '20 @ 14:19

No price change (since 2016).

65 for both

They can do the mesh socks to match, at 15 a pair. (minimum order is 10 pairs)

Personally I prefer the knitted ones
sam on 09th Jan '20 @ 15:36
Keen for a set as well. Definitely prefer the knitted socks too
Mauricio on 09th Jan '20 @ 15:58
Cool. Id like a set
Lester on 09th Jan '20 @ 16:06
Order Google sheet is ready.

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Team Shirt order

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