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Player number cap

Lester on 16th Jul '19 @ 9:09
Seeing as, for the first time in years, last night attracted 30 players, plus goalies, I wanted to clarify the way the 30 places will be allocated.

Places are allocated on a 'first come first served' basis, not on arrival time but from when you come and pay me. So don't arrive, get ready and then look for may then be too late to get a spot.

Should we reach our cap limit of 30 'out' players then Legion registered players will take priority over visiting/guest skaters, even if they are paid up, dressed and ready to ice.
We will not send guests home if the session has already started and a Legion registered player shows up late.

Last night 9 of the skaters were guests.
Remember, guests cannot just show up unannounced, they must have contacted us first.
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Player number cap

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