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Spare gear for sale

Nick on 04th Jan '19 @ 12:53

I'm looking to start playing/training with you all and I was wondering if anyone has any spare/second hand gear for sale! let me know :D

Krzysztof Gliwa on 06th Jan '19 @ 18:28
I have shoulder pads BAUER NEXUS N7000 brand new with tags. I can give it for £20
Krzysztof Gliwa on 06th Jan '19 @ 18:29
I might have also some left handed sticks..
Nick on 06th Jan '19 @ 19:55
Thanks! But I just bought the same shoulder pads on eBay, and Iím right handed 😔

Looking for shin pads, shorts, helmet and a stick still!
Chris N on 10th Jan '19 @ 20:21
Please ask the club to pass me your email. I might be able to help. Would need to be before this Sunday.
david on 11th Jan '19 @ 11:57
Krzysztof Gliwa:

Hey Krzysztof would you have a picture of the shoulder pads please?

I would be interested.
You can reach me on
Nick on 11th Jan '19 @ 15:30
Hey Chris, Iíve asked Lester to pass my details on! Thanks!
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Spare gear for sale

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